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Chimney Safety Tips

chimney safety tips

Keeping your chimney safe is a must because the chimney is one of the most important things to have in your house in order to make your family member feel warm during the winter. But, your chimney can be a dangerous thing if you do not take care of it properly.

So, you really need some chimney safety tips to keep your chimney safe and make everybody in your house away from danger. Here are the tips anyway.

Inspect Your Chimney Regularly

The first chimney safety tip is to get a regular inspection to your chimney that is really important. You may think that the chimney is already clean. However, inspection is not about its cleanness, but you also need to check whether the chimney wall is fine or if there is a leaking in your chimney.

If there is a leaking or cracking for instance, then you are required to fix it to prevent from danger just in case the crack is getting bigger and the bricks may fall down.

Clean Up Your Chimney Regularly

Regular chimney cleaning in Chicago, IL is very important because this chimney will easily get dirty when you fire it up. The smoke from the fire will stick on your chimney wall and then it will be accumulating. If you do not perform regular cleaning, then the chimney will be blocked by the debris and dirt.

It is not easy to clean the debris when it is already accumulating. So, you must call a chimney cleaning service to get the effective cleaning result.

Cover the Chimney Top When Not Used

chimney safety

Sometimes, you cannot use the chimney because of a certain condition such as during the rain and during the summer. Therefore, you are required to cap the chimney with a special cover to avoid the rain. If not, your house will be flooding.

During the summer, you also need to cover the chimney top to prevent it from leaves, raccoon, squirrels, and debris that may get inside to the house through the chimney hole.

Never Use Liquid Fire Starter

You are not recommended to use a liquid fire starter like charcoal grill starter, lighter fluid, gasoline, and others to avoid any dangers. You can use a classic fire starter or you can buy a special fire starter for a fireplace.

Otherwise, it will endanger your house because the fire will be uncontrollable and the fire may get inside into your house.

Cover the Doors with a Screen

Some of the people prefer screened chimney door for the safety. When you use a screen door, it will not endanger your home furniture and the smoke also does not get inside the house. In addition, you also will not feel too hot because you are not exposed directly to the fire.

But, you are not recommended to cover the door totally if you use a glass door. You can give a little space so that the glass does not melt.

Install a Smoke Detector in Your House

The last chimney safety tip for you is to install a smoke detector. Who knows that the smoke from the chimney fire will get inside the house and then contaminate the air? But, when you install a smoke detector in your house, then you can control the smoke that may get inside.

It will give you a sign if the smoke is too excessive and it shows that your room is not healthy.

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