Fireplace Maintenance

“Winter is Here!”, everything is freezing cold outside but you are sitting in front of your fireplace and enjoying cozy and snug heat coming out from that fireplace. How lucky you are but did you ever think that this warm and enjoyable heat can harm you in a lot of ways if you will ignore the maintenance of your fireplace.

fireplace maintenance

Many of us don’t realize the possible dangers a fireplace can cause. Wither it is a wood burning, gas or electric fireplace, it is dangerous for your kids. If a fireplace is not maintained and correctly installed, it can start a house fire!

A fireplace should be cleaned and maintained before you use it.

There are few necessary tips that will help you to keep your fireplace clean and maintained so you can enjoy the warmth of that fireplace.

Removing Creosote From the Fireplace

Creosote is a tar like substance formed by unburnt gases from wood fires. Keeping your fireplace clean is not just about being tidy, a dirty and unclean fireplace can cause a house fire.

Creosote is highly flammable and can catch fire really quickly if you light up your fireplace, therefore cleaning the chimney of your house is one the most important chimney care tasks.

Fireplace Inspection

Must have your fireplace inspected and cleaned by professionals once a year. Always keep an eye on your fireplace and check the interior for soot and creosote regularly.

Ensure the Condition

Inspect the fireplace, make sure that it has sufficient protective linings and smoke ducts.

If you are buying a factory-made fireplace, it should not be near the consumable materials. It should also have sufficient heat and flame barriers.

A Chimney Cap is Important

The chimney cap stops the debris, tree limbs and wildlife like birds and squirrels from getting into the chimney. This will keep your chimney safe from rain. The chimney cap is important because its mesh sides allow smoke to escape.

Always Use a Firelighter

Never use gasoline, charcoal lighter or other fuel to light or relight a fire because the vapors can explode. Never keep flammable fuels near a fireplace because vapors can travel the length of the room and explode.

Clean the Ashes

Don’t let ashes build up in a fireplace. You should keep a one-inch layer of ash in the fireplace during burning season and remove the extra. Make sure that the ashes are completely cool before cleaning them out from your fireplace. You must clean your fireplace every year because ashes are acidic and draw moisture.

Burn the Quality Wood

Burn only seasoned wood, manufactured logs, and quality wood. Burning the trash and low-quality wood in your fireplace will harm your lungs and speed up the creosote buildup.

Don’t Use Water

Don’t ever use water to drown the fire unless there is an emergency because this will create a paste of the ashes, which is really difficult to remove and will destroy the ground of your fireplace.

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