Fireplace Safety Tips

There are few necessary safety tips that will help you to keep your family safe from any kind of danger while enjoying the warmth of that fireplace.

fireplace safety

Open the Chimney Damper

Open the damper of the fireplace before starting fire otherwise smoke can fill in the room and it can cause suffocation which can lead to death. Before setting the fire, you must use a torch light to look up in the chimney to ensure that damper is opened and there is an easy way for smoke to go out.

Keep Chimney Clean

Keeping the Chimney clean is another important safety tip that most of the people do ignore and it leads to the chimney fire. When woods do burn then a substance is released that sticks with inner walls of the chimney. When this substance catches fire then chimney fire happens, it can lead to the house fire as well.

Keep Track of Carbon Mono Oxide

Carbon Mono Oxide is one of the deadliest and poisonous gases that can cause death within minutes. Wood burn in fireplace cause emission of Carbon Mono Oxide (CO). This gas must pass through the chimney properly in order to get out otherwise it can cause harm. Carbon Mono Oxide detectors keep track of levels and presence of Carbon Mono Oxide which can help to take proper measures on proper time.

Use Good Burning Material

Usually, wood is burnt into the fireplaces but wood causes a lot of smoke in the room. Using seasoned wood can help a lot in the reduction of this black smoke. Seasoned wood is often dry and contains less amount of water that minimizes the production of black smoke. High-quality fireplace logs can also be used.

Prefer Manufactured Fireplace Log Over Wood

Using a properly manufactured and high-quality fireplace log causes little or no smoke and produces more heat in no time. As compare to fireplace log the wood can be slow at heating up and produces more smoke with carbon mono oxide.

Place the Burning Material in the Back of Fireplace

Burning material such as wood or log must never be placed in the front part of the fireplace because it can lead to dangerous and uncontrollable circumstances such as house fire. Always stack the woods or fireplace logs in the back part of the hearth to ensure the safety.

Keep Fireplace and Surrounding Areas Clear

The area around the fireplace must be kept clear. Putting up stuff around fireplace can cause danger and even set a house fire easily.

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