What is a Gas Log Fireplace?

A Gas Log fireplace consists of a gas burner over which artificially made, hand painted ceramic wooden shaped logs are placed to mimic the traditional wood burning process. Some manufacturers design more reliable logs using heat resistant foam that works as the flames. Gas Log fireplace using heat-resistant foam is easy to clean and is much inexpensive but on the other side, it is more fragile.

gas log fireplace

Gas Log fireplace uses gas to heat the room instead of traditional burning material such as wood. Gas Log Fireplace is more advantageous as compared to the wood fireplace. Though wood burning fireplace is more ambiance and fuel cost effective, but hard to clean and maintain. Gas Log Fireplace can be easily used and its maintenance is also easy because you don’t need to clean any ash or wood-remains. Outside of your house also remains clear from woodpiles. Gas Logs fireplace allow you to adjust the temperature level which is not available in wood burning fireplaces.

Ease of Use

Gas Log Fireplaces are so easy to use because their temperature can be controlled using a valve according to the home or room needs. These fireplaces have a pilot same as gas stoves or gas heaters have, which can be turned on with a push button, knob or even with a remote control. Thermostat used by these fireplaces is also another amazing function that turns on/off the fireplace automatically when fireplace gets heated up to a specific temperature. Using thermostat also ensures the safety from overheat.

Types of Gas Log Fireplaces

Two types of Gas Log Fireplaces are available in the market.

1)    Vented Gas Log Fireplace

2)    Vent-Free or Vent less Gas Log Fireplace

Vented Gas Log Fireplace

Vented Gas Log Fireplaces use a chimney for ventilation. The fireplace is put under this chimney to take all the toxic fumes out of the house. This type of gas fireplace also uses a damper to put toxic fumes into the chimney. Damper must be cleaned properly to avoid these poisonous fumes from polluting the room’s atmosphere.  Chimney inspection is also important and recommended every year before using vented gas log fireplace.

Ventless or Vent-Free Gas Log Fireplace

As its name says, it is a type of gas log fireplace that does not use a chimney. As it does not require a chimney, many people use these gas log fireplaces in their indoors such as rooms, apartments where there is no chimney.

Vent less gas log fireplaces are manufacture with care to keep the place warm without emitting poisonous fumes. But still, vent less gas log fireplace is recommended to be used in places where air ventilation is good such as living rooms etc.


While using the gas log fireplace some safety measures must be taken.

  • Keep the chimney clean for vented gas log fireplace
  • Make sure that damper is opened before fireplace is turned on
  • Use high-quality pipes to supply gas to the fireplace
  • Periodic check-ups of pipes for carbon soot and leakages

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