Gas vs Wood Fireplace

Weather is frosty and your fingers and toes are freezing cold, in this situation warming up yourself in front of a fireplace will really help. Fireplaces are available in various types, but which type is better and suitable for you, a gas fireplace or a wood fireplace? In which type of fireplace you should invest your money? These are the questions whom answers are important for you to know before you leave your house for the market to buy one.

gas vs wood fireplace

Bellow, we will compare both types of fireplaces and help you choose a best and suitable fireplace.

Easy of Use

Building a fire in your wood-burning fireplace is quite a difficult task. You need to collect wood and kindling, arrange them correctly, light the fire, and maintain it to keep it burning.

While in gas fireplaces building a fire is just as easy as pressing a button. In fact, most fireplaces turn on this way.

Dealing with Ashes

Using a gas fireplace is a bit easy than wood-burning fireplace because in wood-burning fireplaces you have to deal with soot and ashes and clean your fireplace frequently.

While in gas fireplaces, there are no ashes and no soot. You are completely free from them, you don’t have to clean your fireplace after use just press a button and turn it off.

Temperature Control

How groovy it is that you can change the temperature of your fireplace by pressing some buttons. There is completely no need to add more woods or anything else to enhance the temperature intensity because in gas fireplaces this can be done with just a remote control.


To use a wood-burning fireplace correctly you need to learn how to use it. If you need to light a fire in wood-burning fireplaces, then you have to open the damper first otherwise the smoke will pour into your house. You should also keep a metal mash in front of the fire to catch those flying embers that could start a fire.

While in gas fireplaces the only safety risk is of gas leakage, which is very rare.


Maintenance of wood-burning fireplace is quite a complex job. You have to inspect the chimney regularly and must remove the creosote layer every year otherwise the creosote will be the cause of a fire in your home.

While in gas fireplaces, maintenance is really easy because you don’t have to deal with creosote or anything like this. Still, you should hire a professional to inspect your fireplace every year to ensure the safety and proper operation.

Cost Efficiency

The cost effectiveness of wood-burning fireplace depends on two things; from where you get woods and how much you use your fireplace? If you live in or near a forest area with access to the free woods, then you can warm your home at no cost. But, if you need to buy woods at an average or high cost and natural gas is available in your area then probably choosing the gas fireplace will be a good idea.

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